In the Studio


Wild State of Yellow 2019 10” x 14” oil on linen

"Connie Connally works most clearly with what we recognize as gestural abstraction, associated with Abstract Expressionism. Connally has focused, however, on a notable subset of such gestural painting, one recognized in the heyday of Action Painting and even cited then to link Abstract Expressionism with vital precedents (e.g. the late Impressionism of Monet, the early abstractions of Kandinsky). Like such precedents, Connally distinguishes herself as, in essence, a landscape painter, albeit one who paints the landscape she feels as much as she paints the one she sees.

Indeed, Connally’s stress on sensuous form and color experience through reference to natural phenomena (in particular vegetation and water, normally in motion) places itself squarely in a tradition particular to the American experience. John Marin’s expansive rhapsodies on the local landscape exemplify this tradition, as does Joan Mitchell’s gradual – but ultimately thorough – adoption of landscape qualities and references. This sort of “plein air abstraction” defines Connally’s work, but her particular touch and palette, and her close and vibrant sense of atmosphere, distinguishes it.” 

-Peter Frank, LA Art Critic 


Morning Mystery 2019 14” x 10” oil on linen


Meadow Mystery 2019 10” x 14” oil on linen


Spring Shallows 2019 30” x 10” oil on canvas


Blue Magic Edge 2019 30” x 10” oil on canvas


Eventide 2019 35’’ x 65’’ oil on canvas


Crimson Tumble 2019 30" x 30” oil on canvas


East Beach Gravity I 10’’ x 36’’ oil on canvas


East Beach Gravity II 10’’ x 36’’ oil on canvas


East Beach Gravity III 10” x 36” oil on canvas


Blue Beach House 16” x 16” oil on canvas


On the Wild Mustard Field 16’’ X 32’’ diptych oil on canvas


Tumble and Tides 2018 35’’ x 65’’ oil on canvas


Marking Time I and II 10’’ x 36’’ each oil on canvas


Where The Mockingbird Calls 2018 40’’ x 54’’ oil on canvas


Rose Garden 2018 30’’ x 30’’ oil on canvas


Falling Meadow II 2017 72’’ x 34’’ oil on canvas